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Selfie is not good?

      Selfie is not good? Shockingly, more than 75% of the profiles we came across did not feature a professional headshot. Instead, our screen was filled some of the funniest (and also creepiest) images I had ever come across. Apparently people are still thinking of LinkedIn as some kind of Facebook-like site. A [….]

Miss Greenville Teen USA 2015

Last week Greenville Headshots was privileged to have in our studio Jada Monét Samuel. Miss Greenville Teen USA 2015. She is a freshman broadcast journalism major at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. After being crowned,  finally created the nonprofit mentoring program, #iShapeMe. #iShapeMe is a program dedicated to helping young girls shape themselves [….]

Your Business Needs YOU!

Get perfect corporate headshot

A professional  corporate headshot is becoming more and more important in the current digital business environment. A good headshot on LinkedIn, or other social media, can be seen as your online business card and can often make the first impression on a prospective client of your brokerage. Your headshot(s) can also be used on your website, in PR or advertising and on branded literature. It makes your communication more personal and puts a face to your brokerage. This 10 minute guide will give you tips and tricks on how to get perfect corporate headshot photos. Relax Do not forget to get a good night’s sleep before your shoot. Avoid being stressed at the shoot so it might be handy to wake up early, have a good breakfast and leave extra early. If you “don’t like your pictures being taken” (who does?) relax, as corporate photographers often specialise in shooting “real people” not models and actors. They will know how to make you feel relaxed and get you to look natural and look your best as the impression you typically want to achieve is professional and approachable. What to Wear Generally dark clothing will work best for corporate headshot photos. The emphasis of the photo is on your face, not your body. Dark clothing will provide the necessary contrast to emphasize your face. Light clothing will reflect light back up on your face, while dark clothing will not. This provides a great way of controlling the light that you are painted with so light is only where it is needed. Avoid patterns on clothing such as ties, shirts, scarves, and hats. Think simple. Think classic. Nothing should distract from the most important thing which is “you.” Patterns, such as loud stripes or colourful dots, will be a distraction in your photo. Wear clothing that is appropriate for the context for which you are going to use your headshots. Wear formal business attire if you plan to use the photo for a formal business purpose. Wear business casual clothing if the photo is going to be used for a casual purpose. The clothing you wear, including accessories, should be in the style and look that you want to be represented for. But don’t forget the details! Your hair, teeth and facial hair should be clean and tidy (no shaving cuts please!) Most importantly wear something that makes you feel good. You want to be relaxed and comfortable for your photo shoot. Wearing something that makes you feel your best will help you relax and enjoy the whole experience of getting your photo taken.