Keon the barber

I always feel some kindve way standing in front of the lens my partner Nill Silver is behind the lens. I am a barber, you give me a pair of clippers razor and shears and I can make magic. That is Nill with a camera and lighting, he shows you a side of you that you didnt know could be seen from the outside. This is possibly my favorite shoot because of how much I correspond with the character of Superman, and how much it relates to the way I live my life. Photo sessions to me aren’t always about trying to look good or gain attention, but to capture a part of you and make it timeless. If you have access to a professional photographer make that investment, because until you have found someone with “the eye” or “that special thing”, then you have never truly saw yourself. And feel free to ask me about Nill, I’ll gladly connect you! He is truly a remarkable man. Some of these I edited myself slightly, but the magic is all Nill.